The boutique is run by our lovely local team who are on hand to offer exceptional customer service.

Volivoli Boutique

Located just next to reception

We offer a great range of products from convenience items, Volivoli Beach Resort and Ra Divers merchandise and local Fijian Artisan handicrafts.

Volivoli Boutique Opening Hours

7 days a week from 8:00am – 4:30pm (there may be exceptions to opening hours).

Wander through the Volivoli Boutique and find a treasure to take home

We have amazing locally handmade items, resort merchandise and beautiful treats just for you

Pop in on your next visit to Volivoli and have a wonderful little shopping experience. We have a range of Volivoli and Ra Divers merchandise to add to your collection. All the essentials like hats and sun glasses, to the more decadent cocoanut oils, lips balms and even locally made hot sauces!

Check out our Instagram page #volivoliboutique – loads of pictures of our products.

Volivoli Boutique

Amazing local honey products from Waitika Farm Fiji

See our range of Waitika Farm Fiji products like honey, lip balms, candles and lotions. See their complete line in our boutique.

Gifts that give back to the community

Take home a toy from Rise Beyond The Reef and you’ll be giving back to the local community. By making these toys, locals have the opportunity to learn a new skill and earn an income to support themselves and their family.

Only stockists of Nudi Wear products in Fiji.

Nudi Wear was developed by divers for divers and all water lovers. We strive to create high quality products inspired by the ocean while limiting our impact on the environment through eco-conscious materials and production. Check out our range of headbands, towels and dry bags!