Ra Bar & Grill

No need for shoes or shirts down here

Situated right on the beach by our dive shop the Ra Bar & Grill boasts the closest draft beer to the ocean in Fiji.

Grab a cold beer or sip on a cocktail crafted by one of our skilled bartenders, and take a seat in the shade. Prefer the sun? Bask in the sunshine and dig your feet into the sand at one of our picnic tables and take in the spectacular rolling green hills of our neighbouring island, Malake.

Come by at happy hour for drink specials and grab a seat for an unobstructed view of the vivid sunset (we recommend nabbing a hammock right at the water’s edge).

What You Can Expect at the Ra Bar & Grill

For those who seek adventure beneath the waves, The Ra Bar & Grill is the perfect post-dive haven. Celebrate your underwater exploits with fellow divers or relive the excitement with a refreshing drink in hand. Our dive-friendly atmosphere and convenient location makes our Ra Bar the go-to spot for those looking to unwind after exploring the depths.

Our menu is a culinary journey that complements the beachside vibe. Dive into a selection of mouthwatering bar snacks that pair perfectly with your favorite drinks.

Volivoli Beach Resort, Fiji Ra Bar & Restaurant